Ergonomic Floor Mounted Throttle Pedal 966 000 series

- Ergonomic
17° Travel angle
- IP69K rated
- Rotating point near the floor
- Durable PA66 - GF30 plastic
- Dual return spring according to FMVSS124
- Treadle plate angle position in idle position: 33°, 39°, 45°
- T
he treadle plate could be removed easily to have a perfect access to the mounting screws
Options: Kick down feel, Swivel arm, Additional mechanical switch, Customized mounting plate, Customized treadle plate, Connector kit or customized wire harness

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Automatic Engine Cut Off Controller



- Up to 20% fuel saving

- Kind to the environment (decreases your carbon footprint)

- Extends the life time of your equipment


- The controller is enabled once the engine has reached its normal operating temperature

- The controller monitors system critical functions such as engine RPM, transmission shifter position and implement control pilot pressure to ensure the machine is not being operated (= unnecessary idling time)

- The controller has an adjustable time-out pre-set according to application/customer requirement

- Audio and visual warnings inside the machine’s cab alert the driver (if present) to the imminent engine cut-off

- Safety: Performance Level C according to ISO13849 and certified E1 TEST (BGBau)

- Power supply +12V / +24V
- Current consumption 100mA


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Direct Drive Finger Electronic Throttle Control 977 000 series

- Throttle travel angle : 60°
- Knob available in black and orange
- Protection : IP69K
- Knob can be customised, connector kit and customized wire hardness
- Sensor monted benheath the surface

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Integrated rotary Electronic Throttel Control 978 000 series

- Button travel angle : 90°, 210°
- Knob available in blak (pointer in white) or in orange (pointer in black)
- Height of the knob adaptable to different dashboard.
- Sensor mounted below the surface
- Options: Customized knob, Connector kit, Detent function at mid-point, Incremental motion

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Governor Electronic Control System - GECS :

The MCS GECS has been developed to control the mecanical engine governor using Drive-by-Wire.
The basic system is a kit which includes the throttle control pedal, the electronic module and the actuator.
The electronic module is programmable and can be customised with several options.

- Electronic control fo the top vehicle's speed.
- Cost saves by avoiding engine damage.

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