Started in 1980, Mobile Control Systems, located in Brussels, Belgium, is a long time supplier of pneumatic, hydraulic and electric throttle controls, as well as transmission controls, for ON/OFF HIGHWAY  vehicles.
Early 2000, the Company focused on Hall Effect Programmable Throttle Controls, capable to comply with any model of industrial  Diesel and CNG engine. Today M.C.S offers a complete range of Programmable Throttle Pedals, Hand Throttles, Rotary Throttles and Throttle Position Sensors for Industrial Mobile Equipment. Furthermore, Hall Effect Sensors for multiple applications where position reading or feedback is required, are also part of the M.C.S. standard product range.

Our ISO 9001:2000 certification was the result of our constant willingness to improve product quality, customer support,  implement high safety standards, severe production and quality control procedures, and efficient engineering development programs. Our extremely motivated team is available to study and solve every single customer request, regardless of volume.

MCS Commitments:
- The most cost effective solutions.
- The right product for your application.

- Most flexible control for every engine.
- Instant engineering support.
- Fats design and prototyping.
- All products apporved to necessary industry standards.
- Flexible worldwide production locations.

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